Video Style Goals to Increase Your Business


Given the frequency with which consumers are interacting with the visual and social web, videos have become one of the most effective ways for brands to tell their stories without breaking the normal routines – or attention spans – of their audience. However, there is no single video style that fits the purpose of every campaign. Think of all the different types of commercials or movies that you’ve ever seen. With the right creative talent, these are all examples of video styles that you can incorporate in your own communications tactics.

So how do you decide which video style is right for your needs? Match Your Video Style with Marketing Goals.”

Matching Your Video Style to Marketing Goals

Infographic: Matching Your Video Style to Marketing Goals

1. Show your story. A 2014 study by PR Newswire found that adding multimedia content to press releases increased visibility by up to 552%.

2. Don’t sell, tell. Speaking to your audience on an emotional level will make them think of your brand when they are looking for what you are selling.

3. Don’t go off brand. Having your branding team work with the production team during the storyboarding process helps dictate stylistic elements of the video before it’s too late.

4. Take chances. No one has ever stood out by playing it safe.

5. Be honest. Administering a self-assessment to your team will identify value propositions that can inform your video campaign.

6. Build your audience. A series of short videos will keep your audience coming back to learn more from your expertise.

7. Invest in promotion. Content should be distributed beyond owned channels to ensure that it is seen by all relevant audiences wherever they consume information.

8. Explore different video styles. Kinetic typography, whiteboard animation, and 3D videos are just some of the ways to liven up a corporate video.

9. Focus on quality over quantity. Producing too many low-quality videos negatively impacts your credibility and image.

10. Get a referral. Use a trusted source to determine which production company is best for your needs.

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